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Fitness Montreux

Everyone who enjoys some form of fitness activity has experienced the buzz that comes from using your muscles. The sense of post-exercise wellbeing is a great ingredient of any holiday, and a perfect way to revitalise a tired mind during business trips.

So, how can you look after your fitness in Montreux?

Fitness in Montreux – in and around the hotel

Our guests enjoy some of the best facilities for fitness in Montreux. That includes free access to a well-equipped gym. Just swipe your room entry card at the door. While you take advantage of the excellent facilities, you will have an inspiring view of Lake Geneva and the mountains.

If your stay is business related, imagine how great you would feel after rising early to use the gym for half an hour. After that you can enjoy a hot shower followed by a sumptuous and well-earned breakfast in the Restaurant Bel Horizon. If you prefer, you could use the gym to wind down at the end of the day – it’s open until 11pm.

While you are with us, we hope you will try the exciting new sport of stand up paddle. One hour of this activity is thought to use around 1000 calories. We have a private jetty and boards are available for guests to use, free of charge. Bikes can also be reserved at the hotel reception, with our compliments.

Fitness in Montreux – activities in the wider area

There are many ways to have a good time while looking after your physical fitness in Montreux and its beautiful region.
• Take a bike ride along the lake shore, or, if you are feeling energetic, up into the hills. There are some fascinating attractions within cycling distance, including Castle Chillon.
• One of the easiest ways to take care of your fitness in Montreux is to go on a walking expedition. It could just be around the old town or you could follow one of the many well-marked hiking trails in the hills.
• As a less vigorous alternative, take a pedal boat out onto the lake and breathe in the stunning scenery. You might find it’s a better workout for the legs than you expect.
• And finally, why not take a turn around the ice rink? That can be as energetic or as gentle as you like. Just resist the temptation to have a hot chocolate afterwards.

Get out into the landscape and get active – that’s fitness Montreux style.

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