Stand Up Paddle

What is stand up paddle?

The sport of stand up paddle was invented in Hawaii in the 1960s, but has only recently reached a wider public. At first sight it looks a little tricky. You stand on a board rather like the standard surfing type, then use a long paddle to move yourself through the water. In fact, it’s a cinch. Just about anyone can pick it up, as the incredible popularity of stand up paddle shows. All it takes is a little practice – and where better than the calm waters of Lake Geneva.

Give it a go. Maybe stand up paddle will become your new hobby.

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What equipment do I need?

To get going, all you really need is the board and paddle. They are available free of charge to guests of Hotel Montreux, but do contact the reception in advance to reserve them. In summer the water of the lake is warm enough for you to be comfortable in just a swimming costume, but you should definitely make good use of waterproof sun block.

Give yourself a stand up paddle adventure

Starting out from our private jetty, you have the whole of Lake Geneva to explore. Like an adventurer from some ancient civilisation, you can seek out places of interest along the shore and get a fresh perspective on familiar landmarks.

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Stand up paddle is active relaxation

It’s a well-known fact that the best way to de-stress is to use your body actively. Whether you are on holiday or between business meetings, a couple of hours of vigorous exercise could be just what you need to shed those everyday cares.

Stand up paddle is an excellent way to give yourself an all over workout. It uses just about every major muscle group, including abs and stabilisers. It has been estimated that one hour of stand up paddle will use around 1000 calories.

So, whether you are staying with us for an extended holiday, or just looking for some fun between business meetings, a stand up paddle session is an excellent way of looking after yourself – body and mind. And when you’ve had enough, we will have a warm shower and a great meal waiting for you at Hotel Montreux.

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